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Why we use WordPress for our Content Management System.

We feel that in 2018, WordPress is the Best CMS and here’s why.

WordPress is an amazing platform for developing websites that are Highly Customizable, Mobile Ready and Search Engine Optimized. Not only that, but the websites are Secure. With over 75 million websites, or 59% market share, WordPress is the most popular open source CMS for a reason.


WordPress is a powerful tool to build websites with a Flexible framework that allows us to create and modify layouts for a highly customizable website. It's highly adaptable to accommodate all needs through extensions and plugins. There are add-ons for just about every function you want to add to your website – from newsletters, contact forms, email campaigns to fully operational e-commerce integration, complete with credit card payments and invoicing. As your website grows and changes over the years, WordPress is ready for whatever comes around the corner, or the next big thing.

Mobile Responsive Design

Consumers are using their phone more than ever to search for products and services. The increase is so great that it can no longer be ignored. The days of having a phone that needed to be zoomed out and scrolled from left to right are no longer acceptable. First impressions are everything. If your website doesn't look good on a phone or tablet, your potential customers are going to your competition. Luckily, most WordPress sites are built to look great on phones and tablets. Not all CMS’s can say the same.

Search Engine Optimized

Google and all search engines use certain defining parameters, the more parameters you fulfill the higher your website will rank in search results. WordPress, by design, fulfills the criteria list by offering Fast Load Times, Good Coding Standards, XML Sitemaps, Great User Navigation, Image Optimization, Social Media Integration, and AMP. Moving forward, Google has made it very clear that Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is going to become one of the major factors in Search Engine Results. If your site isn't AMP ready, your listing is going to the bottom of the results. WordPress has worked very closely with Google, AMP works with WordPress sites. We expect that many non-Wordpress CMS sites will be shuffled to the bottom of the Search Results as they are not in line with AMP.


With everything going on in the world, isn't it nice knowing you have a team of security experts working for you? What we find working with WordPress is that they take Security very seriously. Being the Biggest Website building systems has its challenges, and WordPress is under attack from hackers every day on every site. What WordPress does to combat this is to release updates often if they find a vulnerability. What we find is that if a website is kept up to date, there is little chance for a hacker to get in. That's not to say, they don't try...

We only use WordPress for our websites, were kinda like WordPress Ninjas.

We know it works extremely well for many of our clients, it works excellent for getting great Search Engine Results and AMP. And our developers can just about get it to do everything, including making coffee for us in the morning (not really...)


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WordPress - Best CMS for 2018

If you're looking to build a new website or freshen up an old website, WordPress can make it better. Let's work together and make something Awesome!


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