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Where to Market your Website Offline

There are lots of great websites out there that no one knows about. Don't let yours be one of them.

Designing and launching a website is just the beginning of getting others to visit your site. Driving traffic to the new site is crucial to its success. Besides online marketing such as SEO, off-line marketing is just as important. So, here is a list of some ideas on how to off-line market your website.

  1. Use Social Media.   Make sure to link your Social Media account back to your website.  This will make it easy for your followers to get more info about the products and services your business sells.  It's a great way to promote the website.
  2. Start a Blog.  A blog for the business may seem like a lot of work, having to write about stuff you're familiar with.  But having several pages of items that are relevant to the business shows that you are an expert in your field.  When you have many (more than 12) posts, your website will start attracting traffic from Google as you have the answers to many of the common questions people are asking about.  Your business is now an authority on the subject.  Making time for an article once a week is a great way to generate content for others to read on a consistent basis.
  3. Feeling like a Star?  Another way you could also create original content is by creating videos and posting on your YouTube channel.  People frequently search out YouTube videos for answers, by creating videos of things your business is good at you will answer those questions and get noticed.  Today, people are more likely to watch a video with info than read an article on the same subject.  Who knows, you could be the next YouTube star.
  4. Stationary Items.   Make sure that your website address is printed on everything that leaves the office in print.  Things like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, receipts, and e-mail signatures.  Potential customers you meet in person and give a business card to may want to check out the website later in the day.  They are going to your business card for the website address to keep in contact with you.
  5. Car and Truck Signage.  Every day on the commute to work or school you are passing people in traffic everywhere.  An easy way to expose your website to your local community is to put a vehicle wrap on it.  Usually, the vehicle wrap can include the company logo, website address, telephone number and key info about the business such as products and services.  It's an easy way to expose your community to the business and get some recognition for the business at the same time.
  6. Talk it up.  Obviously, word of mouth to others lets people know about your website.  Let them know that if they are looking for info about your business they can check out the website, it's your 24x7 sales force.
  7. Sponsor a community event or a team.  If you're into sports or your clients are you could sponsor the local beer league hockey or little league softball team.  Your business logo would be displayed on all the team jerseys and all the photos of the team.  By the way, it's also a good way to give back to your community.
  8. Office Signage.  The lit up sign or the sandwich board in front of the store are great places to add your web address.  When your physical location is closed, your website is still online answering questions and taking orders.
  9. Promotional Items.  Pens, erasers, post-it-notes, coffee mugs, whatever the item, it's a great place to add the website address so that your potential clients get your business swag in their hands.
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