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What is Mobile First Web Design?

Mobile First Web Design is not just about screen resolution and automatically resizable images, instead, it's more about designing a site that can is to be viewed on small screens first and big screens second.

 More consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to search and purchase from websites than ever.  Estimates say that consumers use an average of 5 different devices per person, that's a lot of different devices all with different screen sizes. Consumers are using their smartphones more and more every year, so much that Google is making Mobile-First a bigger priority than ever before.  In mid-2018, the mobile-first index will become one of the key factors for search engine results!  That's right if your website is not mobile ready, then your business listing is moving down the search ranks and your competitor's website now is getting your business.   If you're not mobile-first in 2018, say hi to the dodo bird for me.

The solution is simple.

From the very beginning of choosing a very fast web server, to design process and all the way to the finished product with mobile-first in mind, it must be at the forefront of over decision.  One of the main key ideas when making a mobile-first site is to look at the experience your site delivers.  Is it slow to load, do you have lots of animation, lots of large graphics, is the navigation of the website easy to understand, do you have to scroll out and move about the screen to see the complete page, is the font easy to read and the colors look good together?  


If you're looking on how to achieve a mobile-first website, contact us and we would love to help you.

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