Hosting and the Cloud

The Cloud offers greater flexibility, scalability and access, with on-demand infrastructure that can adapt to the changing needs of your business. This allows your business to safely grow while the Cloud handles your website presence no matter where in the world your customers are coming from or on what devices they are using.   We understand the migration from standard hosting on servers to the Cloud, maybe we can help your business move to the Cloud.



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Content updates, security and user experience can all have a huge impact on your overall website presence. It’s crucial that the company you deal with is up to date, uses best practices and provides great customer service.

We include services such as:

  • Adding, Changing or Removing pictures provided by you to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing links to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing videos provided by you to your website
  • Replacing or changing logos provided by you to your website
  • Renaming files or optimizing file names for Search Engines
  • Updating inventory, pricing, or quantities of inventory items to your shopping cart software


Services Not included as Maintenance:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • PHP, javascript or other server side code work
  • Search engine submissions
  • Website design and creation
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