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Why we use WordPress for our Content Management System.

We feel that in 2018, WordPress is the Best CMS and here’s why.

WordPress is an amazing platform for developing websites that are Highly Customizable, Mobile Ready and Search Engine Optimized. Not only that, but the websites are Secure. With over 75 million websites, or 59% market share, WordPress is the most popular open source CMS for a reason.


WordPress is a powerful tool to build websites with a Flexible framework that allows us to create and modify layouts for a highly customizable website. It's highly adaptable to accommodate all needs through extensions and plugins. There are add-ons for just about every function you want to add to your website – from newsletters, contact forms, email campaigns to fully operational e-commerce integration, complete with credit card payments and invoicing. As your website grows and changes over the years, WordPress is ready for whatever comes around the corner, or the next big thing.

Mobile Responsive Design

Consumers are using their phone more than ever to search for products and services. The increase is so great that it can no longer be ignored. The days of having a phone that needed to be zoomed out and scrolled from left to right are no longer acceptable. First impressions are everything. If your website doesn't look good on a phone or tablet, your potential customers are going to your competition. Luckily, most WordPress sites are built to look great on phones and tablets. Not all CMS’s can say the same.

Search Engine Optimized

Google and all search engines use certain defining parameters, the more parameters you fulfill the higher your website will rank in search results. WordPress, by design, fulfills the criteria list by offering Fast Load Times, Good Coding Standards, XML Sitemaps, Great User Navigation, Image Optimization, Social Media Integration, and AMP. Moving forward, Google has made it very clear that Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is going to become one of the major factors in Search Engine Results. If your site isn't AMP ready, your listing is going to the bottom of the results. WordPress has worked very closely with Google, AMP works with WordPress sites. We expect that many non-Wordpress CMS sites will be shuffled to the bottom of the Search Results as they are not in line with AMP.


With everything going on in the world, isn't it nice knowing you have a team of security experts working for you? What we find working with WordPress is that they take Security very seriously. Being the Biggest Website building systems has its challenges, and WordPress is under attack from hackers every day on every site. What WordPress does to combat this is to release updates often if they find a vulnerability. What we find is that if a website is kept up to date, there is little chance for a hacker to get in. That's not to say, they don't try...

We only use WordPress for our websites, were kinda like WordPress Ninjas.

We know it works extremely well for many of our clients, it works excellent for getting great Search Engine Results and AMP. And our developers can just about get it to do everything, including making coffee for us in the morning (not really...)


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WordPress - Best CMS for 2018

If you're looking to build a new website or freshen up an old website, WordPress can make it better. Let's work together and make something Awesome!


8 Reasons why your website is more important than your business card.

Eight reasons why your website is more important than your business card

Years ago your business card was the only way to directly advertise your businesses services and products. It had your contact information and some details on your business which probably included your logo and a hint of your branding. A good start to building a client relationship but in today’s market it’s your website that really allows you to get your message across.

1. Your website is really more than just a little information. It’s really an opportunity to showcase your products and services and if done right, drives business to you in a way a business card never could.

2. Having an online presence is increasingly important as more and people turn to the internet to search for businesses. If someone is searching for you on the web you have a chance to turn this into a client. If someone is searching for your card it could well mean they’ve lost it. And don’t forget how they got it in the first place, you needed to give it to them.

3. Having a website means potential customers can access you anytime they want – your online presence is 24/7 all year round. Ever been out somewhere and want to give someone a card but ran out? When online your potential customers can always find you with a google search.

4. Your website is easily updated and therefore always accurate and showing your latest promotion or marketing campaign. Can you say this about your business card?

5. Your business card has very little feedback from your customers; unlike a website where clients can leave instant feedback.

6. There is only so much space for information and still look good on a business card. On a website, there is a lot more real estate to work with. Besides text and photos, you can also have a video on your YouTube channel.

7. You can link your website to your social media for a seamless digital marketing campaign.

8. Your website can help you manage your bookings and with e-commerce, you can make transactions, print receipts, track inventory and keep accounting records all online.

Only having a business card isn’t enough anymore. In today’s market, your business card helps drive people to your website – it’s an important tool when you are networking and building contacts. Your business card should compliment your website and include all important contact information – your company name, your phone number and email, and your website information. Current stats show that 70% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses to deal with and that number is increasing every day. By not having a website you are losing potential business to your competition.

For more information about setting up an affordable, creative, responsive website, contact us today!

Little Known Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

Did you know that Search Engines now use how fast your website loads as a measurement for where your website ranks on a search? If you have a slow loading site your competition may be getting your share of the business. Not only that but a slow load time is no longer acceptable to consumers who want it now, 3 seconds max! So, how do you get a faster load time?

  • One of the fastest ways to improve your load time for your site is to move from a Shared host to a Dedicated Host. Shared resources include CPU and Bandwidth, thus slowing down your load time, especially during peak demand. This is usually when your customers are viewing your site. The additional cost of moving from a shared host to dedicated host is minimal considering that consumers rarely move past the first page of their search, you need to be up there.
  • Image size can kill a websites load time, and for no good. Lots of images are often too large and are not compressed. To quicken your website most of the images can be heavily compressed so that they are smaller and lighter to transfer to the end users computer to be viewed. Most screen viewings don’t need to be huge, save that for when your printing only. There are many software programs such as Pixlr Editor that can help change the size of your photos – a free tool that’s super easy to use.
  • Remove plugins you don’t need or use. The use of plugins is what makes WordPress awesome, but just be careful of how many plugins you use. By adding extra plugins the server has to scour through your files, including ones that don’t do anything and add time to your site’s performance. After the site is up and running take a careful look at what’s installed, remove the plugins that were put there during development. While we are talking about plugins, make sure they are up to date. An out of date plugin could be a security threat.
  • WP Super Cache is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and one that I always use. It’s amazing at creating pages of your static site so that the server doesn’t have to go through all the code again to serve the same data over and over to your repeat visitors. It then compresses the pages into smaller packets. The smaller the info to be transferred, the faster the site loads.
    WP Super Cache also includes a Content Delivery Network feature that basically copies some of the information from your website such as photos, video, text, downloadable objects and applications and distributes them to dedicated locations over the world. So, a customer in Sweden will get your page’s data from a server in Europe rather than connecting to the server in Seattle, halfway around the world. A closer connection is a faster connection.
  • If you’re looking to test how fast your site is currently, try for tools that will show you what is taking time to load and suggestions on how to improve your site’s performance. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you may have some work to do.
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