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8 Reasons why your website is more important than your business card.

Eight reasons why your website is more important than your business card

Years ago your business card was the only way to directly advertise your businesses services and products. It had your contact information and some details on your business which probably included your logo and a hint of your branding. A good start to building a client relationship but in today’s market it’s your website that really allows you to get your message across.

1. Your website is really more than just a little information. It’s really an opportunity to showcase your products and services and if done right, drives business to you in a way a business card never could.

2. Having an online presence is increasingly important as more and people turn to the internet to search for businesses. If someone is searching for you on the web you have a chance to turn this into a client. If someone is searching for your card it could well mean they’ve lost it. And don’t forget how they got it in the first place, you needed to give it to them.

3. Having a website means potential customers can access you anytime they want – your online presence is 24/7 all year round. Ever been out somewhere and want to give someone a card but ran out? When online your potential customers can always find you with a google search.

4. Your website is easily updated and therefore always accurate and showing your latest promotion or marketing campaign. Can you say this about your business card?

5. Your business card has very little feedback from your customers; unlike a website where clients can leave instant feedback.

6. There is only so much space for information and still look good on a business card. On a website, there is a lot more real estate to work with. Besides text and photos, you can also have a video on your YouTube channel.

7. You can link your website to your social media for a seamless digital marketing campaign.

8. Your website can help you manage your bookings and with e-commerce, you can make transactions, print receipts, track inventory and keep accounting records all online.

Only having a business card isn’t enough anymore. In today’s market, your business card helps drive people to your website – it’s an important tool when you are networking and building contacts. Your business card should compliment your website and include all important contact information – your company name, your phone number and email, and your website information. Current stats show that 70% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses to deal with and that number is increasing every day. By not having a website you are losing potential business to your competition.

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